Certified Phlebotomist

Phlebotomist Needed
Assist the Physician, Physician Assistant, and/or Nurse with patient flow in a clinic setting by measuring the patient's vital signs and weight (if certified for this) and scanning laboratory results in the Bureau Electronic Medical Record (BEMR).
o Organize, schedule, and perform laboratory studies, specimen collection and process within the Health Services Unit, to include A&O in-processing, DNA per procedure, vaccine programs and PPD updates.
o Prepare and ensure specimen packed and transported to the contract or BOP Reference Lab and documentation per Health Services Unit Laboratory Procedures. Assure that lab requests are completed properly and all reports are returned from the contract lab, provider notified, logged results in as received, followed up appropriately, and file results in lab and medical record.
o Acquire and maintain knowledge of the Health Services Manual and Unit Procedures necessary to accomplish the mission described herein, ensuring that the Laboratory Procedure Manual is updated accordingly.
o Assist the Health Service Administrator (HSA) or his/her designee in the coordination of BOP and Contract Reference Lab contact, CLIA re-certification, maintenance of equipment and notification of needed supplies.
o Assist the HSA and Clinical Director with writing and implementing policies that deal with the laboratory program.
Vacation, 10 paid Holidays, Health Insurance Hourly rate:

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